Our services

LED Lights

Innovative design and successful installation
roll-out of LED Lights.
Designing, procurement and installation roll-out of LED lights for retrofit or new build projects.

This is our core business.

Metering & Monitoring

Top quality meters - designed and manufactured in Europe.
An initial assessment is done to ensure our clients are billed on the correct tariff structure for current and past usage. It provides a benchmark for ongoing measurement, management, improvement and control.


Development and Sourcing of top quality warrantied products directly from the source.

By eliminating the middle man we source the best products at the best prices.


Zactic empowers clients to optimise energy efficiencies.

Better Savings - Better Future

Our core focus is to provide top quality LED Lighting Solutions to clients with a total footprint of > 20 000 square meter in the retail environment.

We map and implement an energy efficiency process, tailor-made for each client's needs. Correct billing and supervised consumption lead to BIG savings.

Zactic develops and sources products directly from our manufacturing source. Products are backed by 3 to 5 year warranties - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Zactic Services guarantees an efficient installation roll-out and maintenance of our solutions.

We equip our clients with trustworthy and client-centered energy efficiency solutions.

kW/h saved per annum
21% average electricity saving on overall consumption
50% - 90% saving on electricity for lighting

What our clients say

"In the face of today's hyper inflation in utility costs, we experienced a dramatic drop in our electricity costs over the last year.  A big thanks to Zactic Holdings for their world-class service."

Norman Drieselmann
CEO Retailability (Pty) Ltd.

"World-class products and service that can only be described as excellent, has produced incredible savings in our energy consumption!  I thank, and highly recommend, Zactic Holdings."

Werner Wahl
OK Foods

Who we are

Day to day Operations, Contracts and Finance of the Zactic Group.

Installation roll-out of LED light for retrofit or new build projects. Installations are done by Zactic Services. Zactic Serivces provide an end to end roll-out and maintenance solution.

Since 2006, Zactic Sourcing has established and built quality import and sourcing relationships with mostly Chinese Suppliers. Suppliers adhere to strict quality control processes, ensuring our products meet the demands of the harsh African environment. An average electricity consumption saving of 50% to 90% is obtained on LED Lighting Solutions.

Our team